Sermon – September 16, 2018 – Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

  The Whole Story For the longest time, I resisted using a digital calendar like the one on my computer and phone. I used to be satisfied carrying around my little red pastor’s pocket calendar where I would write my appointments and upcoming events. But, since I tend to get distracted, I, … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 9, 2018 – Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Grinding Gears I saw a news story the other day where three kids try to carjack the vehicle of a 72-year-old woman. They held a gun to her head until she gave them the keys. The kids jumped into the car and discovered that it was a stick shift. They couldn’t get the car to go and all they did was … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 2, 2018 – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

One of the first things that I did fresh at my first call church was to develop a weekly Sunday bulletin with everything in it so that we didn’t have to use the green LBW, Lutheran book of worship. I did that because if you remember that hymnal, there were page numbers in the front which was the … [Read more...]

Sermon – August 26, 2018 – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Choices It’s no surprise to any of us that we live in a bad news, good news world. It’s not hard to find the bad news. The fires out West, hurricanes in Hawaii, we have hungry people and thirsty around the world, children still die from manageable diseases, violence has become a fetish and a form … [Read more...]

Sermon – August 19, 2018 – Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Welcome, Stranger So, if you’ll bear with me, I have to talk to that guy in the back for a second. I was always afraid that you would show up on a Sunday like this, knowing that you never been to church before or it’s been so long that you can’t remember the last time. You don’t have to wave and … [Read more...]

Sermon – August 12, 2018 – Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

It is simply not debatable anymore that being a member of a church community and regularly participating in that community has multiple and long-lasting results for our physical and mental health.  I won’t bore you with all the studies, but from Harvard, to Duke to the University of Saskatchewan … [Read more...]

Sermon – July 29, 2018 – Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Scarcity and Abundance I suppose you heard the news about Facebook this week. After an unguarded remark by one of its executives the company lost $119 billion. Hundred and $19 billion. That’s a lot of Mammon. Reportedly, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, lost about $16 billion of his own fortune. … [Read more...]

Sermon – July 15, 2018 – Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Every couple of years or so, when my colleagues, my friends and my church make the rumbles that they are about to give it up because of the world presents itself as mean and irredeemable, I have to crack out this poem by Martin Franzmann, former Lutheran New Testament professor and hymn writer.  … [Read more...]

Sermon – July 8, 2018 – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Grace Sufficient Unless you have been living under a gigantic rock or haven’t left your house in about ten years, only then would you fail to realize that we are in the Golden age of superhero movies. It seems like one comes out every week. The latest, at least I think it’s the latest, is Ant Man … [Read more...]

Sermon – July 1, 2018 – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

I’ll tell you what this looks like to me.    It looks like Jairus and this poor, chronically ill woman saw Jesus as their last resort. It looks to me like they tapped out all the other options and finally thought, “let’s see what this guy can do”. Let’s take Jairus first..  The text tells us that … [Read more...]