Sermon – February 23, 2020 – Transfiguration

Seeing in a Different Light   We stand today on the threshold of the church season of Lent, that time for us to pause and reflect on how we are doing at being followers of Jesus, at being disciples.  But before we enter this season of quiet and reflection, we have one more burst of revelation … [Read more...]

Sermon – January 5, 2020 – Epiphany

Star-Journey   Well, another Christmas Day is in the books.  In the stores, all the shiny little bits and bobs that once looked so festive and bright have been marked down 60, 70, maybe even 90 percent, shoved onto out-of-the way shelves to make way for the hearts and flowers of … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 13, 2019 – Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

What Are the Odds? A few years back now, novelist and writer on the spiritual life Anne Lamott wrote a book suggesting that all human prayer, when distilled to its essence, comes down to three simple words.  No matter what our life circumstances, no matter how many words we pour into our … [Read more...]

Sermon – June 23, 2019 – Second Sunday after Pentecost

Naming Names  The writer of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts is a skillful storyteller, carefully arranging the incidents in his story to give them the most impact.  And while the story we just heard is dramatic enough on its own, it becomes even more so when we notice that Luke has placed … [Read more...]