Sermon – April 12, 2020 – Easter Sunday

Going before us Welcome to all of you this Easter Sunday in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As you can see, you have caught me finishing up a project.  I’m writing place cards for our Easter Dinner. For many of the past years we have held the family Easter Dinner at our … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 10, 2020 – Good Friday

Hopeless, and yet…? I was working in the office at church. The phone rang. “Could you please come over to the hospital?”  The voice on the other end asked. Sherri was being taken off of life support.  The organ donor people would be arriving this afternoon. “Absolutely, I’ll be over.” I … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 9, 2020 – Maundy Thursday

To Remember What a week it had been for the disciples of Jesus! It all started the previous Sunday as people entered Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Festival of the Passover. Jesus had entered the city riding on a donkey while the people waved palm branches and shouted: “Hosanna to the Son … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday

Grace and peace to you – from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!   If you were to be a traveler in the hot and dry climate of the Middle East in the area surrounding Jerusalem you would be able to see Palm trees from quite a distance because their trunks stand tall and stately and their … [Read more...]