Sermon – December 24, 2017 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

  Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day walk on water? Mary did you know that your baby boy will save our sons and daughters? Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new? This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you Mary did you know that your baby boy … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 10, 2017 – Second Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 40:1-11; Mark 1:1-8 Advent 2 Year B   I didn’t grow up in a family that went camping, or hiking, or paddling…something a little strange for a family rooted in northern Minnesota.  I wouldn’t say that my parents had a dislike for nature, they have recently moved to live on a lake … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 19, 2017 – Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 25:14-30 I get a little uneasy when I read this parable. Remember, parables are supposed to reveal something to us about God, or, God through Jesus. Parables in Matthew, in particular, are meant to point us towards the kingdom of God— this alternate reality that being ushered in by Jesus. … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 29, 2017 – Reformation

Reformation 2017 John 8:31-36 + Romans 3:19-28   Today is a big day! Today we remember that, 500 years ago, a young professor named Martin Luther posted 95 complaints against the corruption and oppression he saw within the church that he loved. Despite persecution, Luther continued to … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 15, 2017 – Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

  Jesus' parables are meant to be a little outlandish. The shock-value on this parable, however, is unusually high. First, the initial rejection of the invited guests is a little unbelievable. This is the banquet of a King! Who wouldn’t want to come to a royal wedding? And, if these guest … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 24, 2017 – Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

  Our scripture readings for today are all about God’s grace and mercy. Who doesn’t love hearing about God’s grace and mercy? The catch in these readings, however, is that they seem to indicate that God’s grace and mercy are not always fair and that perhaps one of the defining … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 3, 2017 – Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

  Take a moment right now to envision a holy place. What is the most holy, sacred place you can think of? What does it look like? Where is it located? What makes this place sacred?   Take another moment and think of a place that has felt holy for you. Can you think off a moment in … [Read more...]

Sermon – August 6, 2017 – Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 14:13-21   The crowds grew larger and larger and were gathering around, hoping to hear or maybe just to see Jesus.  The disciples recognized that there was no place for these people to go and eat, as they were in a deserted place, and so they ask Jesus to send the crowds away so … [Read more...]

Sermon – July 23, 2017 – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 13:24-30,36-40   For the past couple of weeks we’ve been digging into some of Jesus’ parables and we get to hear another one today. This parable, the parable of the weeds and wheat, is unique to the Gospel of Matthew—meaning that no other versions are found in Mark, Luke, John, or … [Read more...]

Sermon – June 18, 2017 – Second Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 9:35-10:23   This weekend marks the two year anniversary of the Mother Emanuel massacre in Charleston, South Carolina. On June 17th, 2015 21-year old Dylan Roof walked into Bible Study at Emanuel African Episcopal Church, one of the oldest black churches in the country. He was … [Read more...]