Sermon – December 10, 2006

I would love to have John the Baptist’s job, wouldn’t you?  Think of how fun it would be to have license to thunder down judgment on the deserving. While most of us wrinkle our brow and talk quietly and earnestly about how difficult it is to speak the judgment of God, we take secret delight in doing … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 3, 2006

For a variety of reasons, my dad and I didn’t do much together when I was a kid.  But one thing we did do was go fishing.  He would gather up me and whatever other kids were interested and seek out a fishing hole that he thought might be worthy of his time.  We would drive to our destination,  throw … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 15, 2006

The Rich Young Man It doesn’t take much imagination to wake up almost any given morning, after reading the headlines, to conclude that the world is not as it should be.  Of course, it would be easy to throw up our hands, and say that’s just the way it is.   Or we can choose another way.   We can … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 8, 2006

Hard Words Well, these are some hard words this morning.  This is a profile of Jesus that we see from time to time that causes us to squirm in our seats.  Let just do a show of hands if you are someone in your family has been touched by divorce.  I join you in raising mine.  My brother is … [Read more...]

The Funeral of Nancy Quisenberry – October 1, 2006

The last time I spoke with Nancy, I had just come from the church and on my way passed through a flock of migrating monarch butterflies.  They were crossing over the road in front of me.  When I got to the hospital, I mentioned this to her because we had once shared a conversation on the wonder of … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 24, 2006

Welcoming the Children Those of you who may be fans of former President Herbert Hoover will be pleased to know he has finally received his vindication.  Hoover is routinely regarded as one of the worst President’s in the nation’s history for his performance at the advent of the Great Depression.  … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 17, 2006

Who do you say that I am? Some of you may have seen the cover story in Time Magazine this week.  It is titled, “Does God Want You To Be Rich?   It is a story about a popular theological innovation over the past few years that suggests that the blessing that God wants to give faithful people is … [Read more...]

Sermon – September 3, 2006

A Change of Heart My four-year-old daughter, Sophie, has recently discovered the wonders of the Wizard of Oz.  She has now seen the movie and the stage play a couple of times, and I find her wandering around the house singing, “We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz”, or creeping … [Read more...]

Sermon – August 27, 2006

How do you choose? I believe and have mentioned to you in other contexts, I think, that none of us who have crossed the threshold into this church today, none of us who have made a confession of Christ, none of us who have turned to him in circumstances troubling or encouraging, has done this on … [Read more...]

Sermon – August 13, 2006

I have read with interest over the past few months, news of a couple of scientific studies that show that loneliness contributes to health problems, particularly to problems of the heart.  The research suggests hat those who live in isolation and separation from others have poorer health and higher … [Read more...]