Sermon – September 15, 2002 – Forgive Seventy-Seven Times

September 15, 2002 Pentecost 17 Forgive Seventy-seven Times I read in a newspaper article the other day that guilt is good. Won't our mothers be glad to hear that! The article was quoting the National Institute of Healthcare Research in Rockville, Maryland. It says guilt is good. If you … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 27, 2002 – Reformation Sunday

October 27, 2002 Reformation Sunday How many of you have a cell phone? How many of you have an e-mail address? How many of you have two e-mail addresses or more. How many of you access the Internet on a regular basis? That’s most of us here. That means we can be reached or reach out at any … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 26, 2002 – Giving Thanks

November 26, 2002 Thanksgiving 2002 Joint Service St. Matthew Lutheran/Grace United Methodist, Urbana Luke 17:11-19 Giving Thanks I trust by now your local garbage contractor has hauled away the last of the political mailings you received in you mailbox. I imagine you have erased from your … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 24, 2002 – Christ the King

November 24, 2002 Christ the King You may have, over the past week or two, heard the story of Jake Porter. Jake is a 17-year old high school student who attends Northwest High School in Ohio. Jake suffers from something called chromosonal fragile X, one of the leading causes of mental … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 22, 2002 – Let It Be

December 22, 2002 Let It Be Fourth Sunday of Advent Christmas is almost here. Two more days. Our Advent season is drawing to a close. These past few weeks we heard the voices call over the ages that one would come. We have recalled the words of Isaiah, "Comfort, comfort my people. Make … [Read more...]

Sermon – March 31, 2002 – He Is Risen

March 31, 2002 Easter He is Risen Here is something I bet you didn't know--if 170 million people could be convinced to stand on one another's shoulders, one on top of another, we could make seven and a half stacks of people, that reach from the earth to the moon. I bet you didn't know that. … [Read more...]

Sermon – March 29, 2002 – Politics As Usual

March 29, 2002 Good Friday Politics as Usual You remember that before I went to the seminary, my vocation was in public affairs. I was a reporter, covering politics and government. And I was a congressional press secretary in Washington, D.C. There my job was to cultivate, to help create and … [Read more...]

Sermon – March 16, 2002 – What a Friend

March 16, 2002 Lent 5 What a Friend Somewhere drifting around in my memories is one of my Grandmother Sophie, my mom's mom, my daughter's namesake. She is kneading bread on the kitchen counter at her farmhouse in South Dakota. With her knee on a stool as she worked, because it ached. And … [Read more...]

Sermon – February 10, 2002 – Down the Mountain

February 10, 2002 Transfiguration Sunday Down the Mountain I had a worship professor in seminary who once gave his students some advice on how to look at the world, and it stuck with me ever since. He said because the church is so full of symbols and renderings of God in various way, look … [Read more...]

Sermon – January 27, 2002 – “Follow Me”

January 27, 2002 Epiphany 3 "Follow Me" Lately, I have been receiving in my News Gazette each week and insert with old headlines from past issues. They are celebrating an anniversary and have been including an occasional front page from their archives. And I’ve got to tell you, I don’t see … [Read more...]