Sermon – February 25, 2004

One of our favorite family activities is to pack up and find a trail to hike together in the woods. I bought this hi-tech baby backpack so Sophie just hops in and rides along. She can see everything and whack me from time to time to say "giddyup daddy". In her two short years she has been on over … [Read more...]

Sermon – February 15, 2004

Blessing is one of our big words in the church, up there with the top 3 or 4 like salvation, forgiveness, peace. Yet, the Bible has had an evolving definition of blessedness and blessing, when it comes to that which is conveyed by God. In the Old Testament, those who were blessed by God were … [Read more...]

Sermon – February 8, 2004

I was tempted, with our reading today, to put out on the sign, "You catch 'em, I'll clean 'em, Jesus." This is one of the scriptures the church turns to when it takes up the call to evangelism. But before we leap to that, let's take a look at what is happening to Peter. You see, the other gospels … [Read more...]

Sermon – February 1, 2004

It was a day I will never forget. It was the year of my seminary internship two years ago, and I was sitting at my computer in my office at home on a bright, sunny, Saturday morning the weekend before Thanksgiving. I had just got done sending an e-mail to my good friend in Minnesota, when I got a … [Read more...]

Sermon – January 25, 2004

I was sitting over at the little deli at Jerry's IGA having my $2.20 lunch the other day when a young man on his lunch break came and invited himself to sit down at my table. He asked if we could talk for a minute, and I said, "Sure." He asked, thinking I was a Roman Catholic priest, where we got … [Read more...]

Sermon – January 18, 2004

I am one of those weird parish pastors who likes to do weddings. You'd be surprised by the number of pastors who don't like doing them. I did two during Christmas week, one on the Tuesday before Christmas Eve and one on the Friday after Christmas Day, and it struck me that this is a fine time, when … [Read more...]

Sermon – January 4, 2004

Words have always fascinated me. One of my favorite games when I was a wee child, was to grab our good ole’ Webster’s dictionary, open it up to a random page, close my eyes, and without looking put my finger down on the page. I would then look at the word I picked, and I would read the word to my … [Read more...]