Sermon – December 24, 2013 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, 2013 In that region there were shepherds living in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. . . . . . So is the birth of Jesus staged. Have you had the good fortune to be out in the country, far from the city lights on a crisp, cold, cloudless moonless night? There … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 22, 2013 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Good Man Well, I tried my best this week to make a hero out of Joseph. I didn't get a lot of help. I looked in our hymnal for a song or hymn commemorating Joseph couldn't find any. He does get a little love on March 19th, the commemoration of Joseph, but I don’t recall ever celebrating that day. … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 15, 2013 – Third Sunday of Advent

Brian Barnhart came to speak at our Rotary last week. Brian is the voice of the Fighting Illini basketball and football games. If you've ever listened to them on the radio he is the lead commentator and play-by-play announcer. He's been doing games around here for over a decade, so tens of thousands … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 8, 2013 – Second Sunday of Advent

“A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.” Whether it is biologically accurate or not, when I think of a stump, I think of something no longer living. Something that is dead. Something that has been cut-off, something isolated. A useless remnant, … [Read more...]

Sermon – December 1, 2013 – 1st Sunday of Advent

First Sunday of Advent There are two kinds of travelers in the world. One of them are those who travel like my Dad. For folks like him, the destination is the primary and you get there by traversing the shortest and most efficient route between point A and point B. The points along the way are … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 24, 2013 Christ the King

Christ the King Sunday, 2013 Here are your latest AstroNews Headlines. “Researchers have identified a trio of galaxies hidden in a cloud of dust nearly 13 billion light years from Earth, placing them close to the beginning of the universe.” For those of you keeping score, a light year is about … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 17, 2013 – Stewardship Sunday

Stewardship Sunday The Truth Those of you who have been around here awhile remember my compilation of Pastor Bob's laws. For example Pastor Bob's Law number one is always prime before you paint, number three is don't try to raise other people's children unless they ask you to. I think number … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 10, 2013

I’m going to ask you to do something for me this morning that might be a little difficult for you—something that might be out of your comfort zone. But I’m going to ask that you humor me, and just do it, okay? I’m going to ask you to raise your hand if you are a child of God. This is not a trick … [Read more...]

Sermon – November 3, 2013 All Saint’s Day

All Saints Sunday The Beatitudes It is hard not to step back from the Beatitudes and just observe them in wonder at their beauty and depth. The Sermon on the Mount, in which the Beatitudes are contained, is often called the greatest sermon in the world. Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian … [Read more...]

Sermon – October 27, 2013 Reformation

Reformation Day The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Oh Lord, I thank you that I am not like that pathetic Pharisee, who sees fit to proclaim his righteousness for all to hear! How's the sound in the back, okay? Can you hear me? I am thankful that I don't go around in my long robes looking down … [Read more...]