Sermon – May 24, 2020 – Seventh Sunday after Easter

Time to Wait Forty days.  That’s how long it’s been since the events of that first Easter.  Forty days since Jesus was crucified, died, was buried and then raised again.  Forty days when he had been alive again and among his followers in a new way, a way they could never have … [Read more...]

Sermon – May 17, 2020 – Sixth Sunday after Easter

 Grace and peace to you from God our Father ad our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen.        My siblings in Christ at St. Matthew, thank you. Thank you for the ministry you are doing in these days. Every congregation is rethinking ministry and how worship happens, how … [Read more...]

Sermon – May 10, 2020 – Fifth Sunday after Easter

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not be afraid. Fear not. You probably have heard that Jesus says something to the effect “do not be afraid” about 70 bajillion times through out the bible. Probably you were given a more exact number by a different style of preacher than I, but for the … [Read more...]

Sermon – May 3, 2020 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

Hearing Our Shepherd’s Voice in Trying Times The fourth Sunday of the Easter season is always Shepherd Sunday.  Today’s gospel reading is the preface leading up to Jesus assuring his followers that he is the Good Shepherd, the one who always watches over his sheep and cares for their needs, … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 19, 2020 – Second Sunday of Easter

Today we hear the resurrection story of Jesus appearing to the disciples and showing them the wounds in his hands and side. He has to make a second appearance so that Thomas can see for himself.   The end of this text states “Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 12, 2020 – Easter Sunday

Going before us Welcome to all of you this Easter Sunday in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As you can see, you have caught me finishing up a project.  I’m writing place cards for our Easter Dinner. For many of the past years we have held the family Easter Dinner at our … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 10, 2020 – Good Friday

Hopeless, and yet…? I was working in the office at church. The phone rang. “Could you please come over to the hospital?”  The voice on the other end asked. Sherri was being taken off of life support.  The organ donor people would be arriving this afternoon. “Absolutely, I’ll be over.” I … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 9, 2020 – Maundy Thursday

To Remember What a week it had been for the disciples of Jesus! It all started the previous Sunday as people entered Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Festival of the Passover. Jesus had entered the city riding on a donkey while the people waved palm branches and shouted: “Hosanna to the Son … [Read more...]

Sermon – April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday

Grace and peace to you – from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!   If you were to be a traveler in the hot and dry climate of the Middle East in the area surrounding Jerusalem you would be able to see Palm trees from quite a distance because their trunks stand tall and stately and their … [Read more...]

Sermon – March 28/29, 2020 – Fifth Sunday in Lent

Grace and peace to you, this day and every day, from God our Father, from Christ the resurrection and the life, and from the Holy Spirit, Amen.   It has been a dizzying couple of months hasn’t it? The preparations for a presidential election envelope the country in debate over issues, … [Read more...]